Certified in Mortgage Regulatory Compliance Includes:

The National Association of Mortgage Underwriters (NAMU)® is offering a comprehensive "professional development" training & certification program entitled: Certified in Mortgage Regulatory Compliance (NAMU®-CMRC). The NAMU®-CMRC certification program is designed for mortgage professionals looking to advance their knowledge in mortgage compliance & regulations. Mortgage guidelines are always evolving, and this certification program will help provide you with the skills you need to ensure you are following the federal laws governing residential mortgage lending.

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NAMU®-CMRC Certification

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Training & Certification Disclaimer: All training & certification offered through NAMU® is "professional development" and is for informational purposes only (not licensure training). Obtaining NAMU®-CMRC certification does NOT imply you are an "expert" or "licensed" in any mortgage related field -- it simply means you have taken (7) training classes and passed an online proctored exam. It also does not guarantee you will find a job. We are NOT owned, operated or affiliated with HUD, FHA or the Federal Government in any way.


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"The information and knowledge that I have acquired with the assistance of the staff at NAMU® has been invaluable. I obtained my NAMU®-CMQCS Recertification as well as my NAMU®-CMU Certification. The material for each of these courses was well written, flowed logically from chapter to chapter each building on the other and reinforcing key information points throughout. Thank you to the staff for their timely responses in answering my questions and the attention to detail.  Job well done!"

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